Book Review: The Invaders by John Flanagan

invadersThe Invaders is the second installment of the Brotherband Chronicles written by John Flanagan. Check an introduction to this series by Kyle H.

“Oh, it’s going to be such and interesting voyage,” – An excerpt from The Invaders by John Flanagan.

Eight boys and an older warrior have set out to sea and their journey has just begun in the book The Invaders. After failing to fulfill the mission of protecting the Skandians’ sacred artifact, the boys try to redeem themselves by tracking down the thief and recovering the treasure with the help of and a rather reclusive warrior. With Hal as the skirl (captain) of their wolfship, they set out on their voyage. Each boy faces his problems as they travel farther and farther from the home they knew best. The warrior, Thorn, an old friend of Hal, becomes their trainer and helps they develop new skills and abilities. They encounter a female hunter who leads them to a town taken over by the very pirates they were seeking. This starts the biggest challenge they had yet retaking a town full of hardened sea pirates with band of farmers, themselves, and a few others.

The Invaders has an amazing cast of characters that weave together a tale of adventure, danger, and teenage mischief. This is a perfect fit for those who like sea adventure coupled with teenage characters. This book deals a lot with working together as a team and following a trustworthy leader. It does go over rougher times they face together. The characters learn more about their warrior friend and each other, making their relationship grow deeper and stronger.

This is only what I think– read for yourself and decide.

-Sarah J., 9th grade

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