Book Review: The Watcher, by Joan Hiatt Harlow

watcherThe Watcher by Joan Hiatt Harlow is a historical-fiction novel describing how Wendy, an American, is forced to repudiate her former life and is obligated to become the perfect German daughter by her real mother, a passionate Nazi named Adrie.

In Germany, Wendy is forced to support a cause she does not support and is forced to speak a language she has never known. Amongst the dangers of the Germany, her real mother is kind to her, but sometimes is taken aback about Wendy’s beliefs in the war.

Wendy befriends a blind boy named Barret, who has a guide dog. Formulating a daring plan of escape, Wendy wants to go back to the people who raised her, even though her “mother” was her aunt. I do not want to unveil if Wendy makes it to America; you would need to find out yourself!

Overall the book is average. Wendy, the main character, had a great personality. It might have been better if the plot was not as uneventful as it was for the majority of the book. Only when Wendy formulates a plan of escape does the action pick up. The ending was great and very suspenseful. I would recommend this book for somebody looking for a great read set in the era of World War II.

This review is based on an advance reader copy; The Watcher will be published on November 4th.

-Anmol K., 8th grade

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