Book Review: A Spell for Chameleon, by Piers Anthony

spell_for_chameleonHello, avid reviewers of books. Yes, I know who you are,  but I should probably introduce myself. My name is Cleo, and I am the muse of history, so I know everything of everyone, including you. Although, you won’t meet me for a while.

More importantly though, I am here to tell you a story; one that would shape my world, Xanth, for generations to come. I even have a printed copy of that story, which is also available in the Mundane world.

Bink, almost 25, is a man who was born into a world of magic. Except for him, everyone can perform a type of magic. However, if he can’t prove that he has magic by his 25th birthday, he will be exiled to the Mundane world forever, where it is dull, without magic, and doesn’t have the girl that he loves.

This is why he embarks on a journey to the Good Magician, he can answer any question, and possibly even know what type of magic Bink has that hasn’t manifested yet. But in order to do that, he has to face the wonders (and horrors) of Xanth, with new magics yet to be discovered and extraordinary people to be met, including the evil magician Trent who wants to destroy the magic barrier protecting Xanth.

This story, and the stories of Xanth, as a warning, has a lot of puns, which may make you go crazy. But I believe that it portrays a good message and an excellent plot, with unexpected twists.

However, those who are not a part of the Adult Conspiracy (in Mundane terms, those who don’t know how to summon the stork or haven’t experienced their teen years) wouldn’t be able to read this book or the continuing books, since the Adult Conspiracy would make some of the words inside the book appear fuzzy.

The characters’ stories are fascinating, though, with stories perhaps like yours, and you could perhaps feel yourself rooting for them, too.

Enjoy, and welcome mundanes, to the magical Xanth.

-Cleo, muse of History (as told to Megan V., 10th grade)

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