Book Review: Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige

dorothy_must_dieDorothy Must Die is yet another crazy twist on a classic story.  We all know the beloved story of The Wizard of Oz.  We all know Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West.  But now Danielle Paige tells us what happened to Oz after Dorothy left and why Dorothy must die.

The story’s new heroine is named Amy Gumm and she would like to be any place but Kansas.  Amy’s life is in a shambles.  Her once loving mother now wants nothing to do with her and she is constantly bullied at school by a crazy pregnant girl.  So when news of a tornado coming to her home town, Amy simple shrugged off the news.  Well, you what happens next.  Amy gets whisked away to Oz.  But when she gets there it is nothing like she ever imagined.  Oz was no longer filled with happiness and magic.  Taken in by the Wicked, Amy’s new job is to kill Dorothy and to possibly restore Oz.  But before she can kill Dorothy, she must get rid of the Scarecrow,  the Tinman, and the Lion. She quickly realizes the words Good and Wicked no longer matter because the Good are Wicked and the Wicked are Good.

This story is not one of my favorites but it is a fun read.  I personally really like the books that take classic tales and change it to be a newer version.  This was not my favorite but I really like how the author made the beautiful land of Oz become so ugly and sad.  She was really able to change the classic story into something completely different but still keeping the (almost the same) characters we love.  I love the story and movie of the Wizard of Oz so when I saw this book I had to read it.  It definitely changes the way you have seen and imagined Oz.  There is a lot of gruesome alterations to the classic characters.  You probably should watch the Wizard of Oz movie if you aren’t familiar with this story before you read Dorothy Must Die. If you like stories that are the twist of classic tales then you should check out this story.  This is a series so check out the sequels if you do end up liking Dorothy Must Die.

-Erika T., 9th grade

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