Book vs Movie: Percy Jackson

percy_book_movieI think this is the best place to say “The books were better than the movies” because I am going to talk about the Percy Jackson series. That saying works best with this series because the books were the best books I have ever read and the movies… not so much.

If I had not read the book and I saw the movie, then I would have thought that it was a cool story and a good movie overall. But since I read the book first, I had a 10/10 rating in my hand and a less than 10/10 rating on the screen. The movie makers aren’t even going to make a third movie because they aren’t making a profit on them.

The books are written in the perspective of Percy Jackson, which is hard to do when you’re writing, and gives a whole lot more description about what is going on. First off, in the movies, there was no description as deep as the description from the books and they left out huge things from the books that the storyline barely made sense. They also added things from the last book that totally ruined what the second book was about!

But I am not just here to criticize the movies; I am also here to talk about how AMAZING the books were. You’ve got action most of all that is really cool to picture in my mind. The description is really great because I am able to visualize and make a movie in my head about what is happening in the book! My head movies are better than the movie theater movies even! (I wonder if the director even read the book…)

Also, the Heroes of Olympus series is just as good. All these books aren’t some of those “and they lived happily ever after” stories; these books actually make you think and enjoy and relate to the characters. I know I am not the only one that is waiting for the next Heroes of Olympus book that just came out and I also know that I am not the only one who is really excited for it!

I know this Book vs. Movie post is kind of late, since the books have been out a while and the movies too, but I have just recently been reading them and watching them again. I am sorry for those of you who turned 13 and did not get chased by monsters to Camp Half Blood, but those of you who are not 13 yet, don’t lose hope! If anyone, and I am sure there are a lot of you, feels the same way about these books and movies, or if you don’t, please leave a comment below!

-Kyle H., 8th grade

7 thoughts on “Book vs Movie: Percy Jackson

  1. When i read the percy jackson books i was actually hoping that it somehow where true and i would be taken to the camp half-blood. Now im thirteen and it haven’t happened… (yet) Guess what? Im still hoping! XD

  2. Totally agree, the Percy Jackson series is in my second favorite series after Harry Potter. The author’s narration through Percy has such a unique, witty, and humorous voice. This is the only book series in which the main character was my favorite character, and I’m so sad that the movies didn’t do them justice.

  3. Great review! I totally agree. Percy Jackson has always been one of my favorites and I was severely disappointed when the movies came out. Although as you said, I do agree that, had I not read the books, I would’ve thought the movies were pretty good.

  4. Amazing review! I utterly and completely agree. While the books were AWESOME (my second favorite, behind Harry Potter), the movies did not do the books justice. I agree with you in that I loved Percy’s perspective in the books. His witty comebacks and snarky chapter names. I enjoyed just skimming through the table of contents and reading his thoughts.
    I remember when I watched the movies for the first time as a young girl, and loved them. I was disappointed to not have a third movie. As a nine-year-old nerd who had read the books, I hated the cliffhanger with Thalia.
    Now, as a teenager (unfortunately, I’m thirteen, and not a Halfblood. I’m still convinced my godly parent is Poseidon though!), I’m glad they didn’t make a third movie. I have a feeling (spidey-sense!) that they would of butchered that too. I still dislike the cliffhanger, yet I can deal with it, as I know the ending from the books.
    My brother has just finished reading the Percy Jackson series, and I have encouraged him NOT to watch the movies…
    Thank you for your incredible review!

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