Book Review: Shelter by Harlan Coben

shelter_coverHave you ever felt like you have been betrayed, and overwhelmed with nothing but lies? In the realistic fictional book Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel, by Harlan Coben, a teenage boy named Mickey Bolitar has to persevere through hardships to save his loved ones. Throughout his journey, Mickey must survive surprising challenges and overcome his fears in order to succeed.

Starting a new life at a different neighborhood and new school, Mickey moves in with his only other relative, his uncle, because his father died in a car accident and his mom moved to rehabilitation. Mickey meets a girl named Ashley who soon becomes his girlfriend. She suspiciously disappears and her permanent record is erased without a trace. Near his house, Mickey meets a person called “Bat Lady,” who turns his life upside down again when she tells him that his father is still alive and well. Confused and anxious, he wants to figure out how and why his loved ones vanished. Thrown into a life-threating mission to solve the crime, Mickey learns that he can’t trust those closest to him, let alone himself.

Harlan Coben, the author of Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel, tells the story in first person, where Mickey is the narrator. I like how he expresses Mickey’s feelings and thoughts, which gives the reader a closer view and helps them relate to Mickey as a teenager. However, even though Mickey is the protagonist, he does seem like the villain sometimes, because he forces his friends to help him, even though their lives are put on the line. I would rate this book a 7 out of 10 because I liked the setting of the mystery, but there wasn’t enough action involved into the story. Suspenseful and fun to read, this book is for young adults who prefer a good mystery to get their minds thinking and plenty of detective work that leads to an unexpected ending.

-Riley W., 7th grade