How to Cope with Boring Books

Part of the reason I read is for the thrill of living vicariously through the characters in my books. I am able to delve into this completely alternate universe. A universe that is full of fictional characters, unrealistic fantasies, and imaginary places. I can escape the misfortunes and stresses of my own life, and instead experience the failures and successes of fictitious characters. However, this thrill is not the same when the book is a bore.

Not all books can be interesting, since everyone has his or her own unique taste. Therefore, if a book that I am reading for pleasure is boring then I will search for something that isn’t. I don’t believe that people should be forced to finish a book that they started, especially if that book is utterly dull. Why suffer through a boring book when you could be reading something that is much more enjoyable? Personally, when I am reading a book that bores me I have a difficult time paying attention. My brain tends to wander off and come up with it’s own wild adventures, since my book is so lackluster. There are so many different books out there, don’t waste time on something that isn’t worth your time.

-Olivia S.

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