Book Review: Slated by Teri Terry

slatedIn a future world of England, teenage terrorists get to have a second chance by being

where they don’t remember anything of their past life. Their memory is wiped clean, and they get a new name, family, and future.
Kyla is one of those people who got slated. She gets to experience the Levo, which can kill her if she gets too sad or angry, the taunts of terrorists, and the people who do understand her.
Oh, and did we mention that she is not like other slated victims, since she is left handed even though she was listed as right handed, and she has memories of her past life?
PS: the government also seems to be slating non terrorists people against their will.
I found this book to be very interesting. It has some of the old qualities books have, such as evil governments, the main character hardly knowing anything about themselves, and the key feature to not trust anyone. However, it also has some new elements that were a good mix to this book, such as there being a few allies that are from the opposite side and a huge case of identity.
This book also goes into the mind, and the question of if people can really change, even when their whole memory is erased.
I suggest that you try this book out!
-Megan V., 9th grade

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