Favorite Book Characters of 2014

The book characters that I loved from the stories I read in 2014 would have to include James Potter from the new James Potter fanfiction series by G. Norman Lippert. I think that it is the coolest thing to make books about Harry Potter’s kid and his journeys at school. His creative personality helps him discover the secrets of the riddles of the castle and the weird occurrences at his school.

Another character that I thought was cool was from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth; Four (Tobias). He is an incredible spy/agent that works on his own agenda and works to take down a corrupt government with a group of rebels. Four is the ultimate hero and I thought his skills deserved a place on my list.

Also on my list of awesome characters in stories from 2014 is Eragon from the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini. I thought that the concept of the book was so cool because I love science fiction novels, especially ones with such a developed and exciting character like Eragon. He is a really amazing fighter and dragon rider that saves his world from annihilation. Eragon is the definition of a hero and with so many plot twists and surprising turns in the story, he constantly has to adapt to different circumstances.

These characters really impact my life as I try to be more like them in having goals and meeting them with success. My new year’s resolution is to read more books with heroes like these and to become more like them!

-Kyle H., 8th grade