Book Review and Music Pairing: Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

space_case“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  ~Neil Armstrong

Tick-tock.  Fast forward to the future.  Man is now living on the moon.  The human race has made a huge advance in technology.  At Moon Base Alpha, or MBA, as referred to by the lunarnauts, life is very different from home on Earth.  This may sound like a pretty cool place to live but not until you get the scoop from Dash Gibson.  While being one of the most famous kids on Earth for living on the moon, he is bored out of his mind.

He tells his readers that all of those Sci-Fi movies are wrong.  Have you ever seen anybody go to the bathroom in space?  Nope, they never thought about how hard it is to make a toilet that functions in low gravity.  And the food is never fresh and tastes nasty.  But of course, the moonies, or the lunarnauts, as they are called, are not allowed to talk about the horrible conditions they are enduring, for NASA invested a lot of money on this expedition.  For the children living on the moon, it is worse because they don’t have work to do like their scientist parents.  Kids aren’t allowed on the actual surface of the moon, for safety reasons.  So, there isn’t much to do besides attending school and playing video games.  Basically, Dash feels like a sardine trapped in an empty can.

After reading all of this, I thought of the song Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future  (Fly Like an Eagle) by the Steve Miller Band.  Not only because of the futuristic aspect of the song, but also due to the other lyrics, I thought it fit quite well.  When the ‘fly like an eagle’ refrain is sung, I thought of how the advancements in technology soared in the decade(s) that had passed to the time period of this book.  (It was not specified throughout the course of the novel.)

One night, Dash was out of his sleeping pod and in the bathroom–which was very inconveniently placed at the other side of the base with the work offices rather than the dwellings–when he overheard a very exciting conversation. One of the scientists, Dr. Holtz, seemed to be discussing a new discovery over the phone.  Once Dash was finally back in his bed, he could not sleep, in anticipation of information to be released on Dr. Holtz’s discovery scheduled for later that morning.  But, that did not occur.  Apparently, Dr. Holtz stepped out of the air lock, solo, and died.

This sci-fi story is about Dash’s mission to solve the case of Dr. Holtz’s sudden death.  The circumstances seemed suspicious to him.  In addition, he was eager to uncover Dr. Holtz’s discovery.  His death-defying investigations got him in trouble.  As the adults and kids were fighting, however, I was reminded of the song, Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen.  Of the many parts and styles of this song, the “Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, let me go” snippet struck me, and I made many connections between the song lyrics and the falling action in the book.

I would rate Space Case a 10/10 for its captivating storyline and science fiction aspects.  I consumed this book in a single day!

-Maya S., 7th grade