Authors We Love: Andrew Clements

Andrew_Clements_cropOne of my all-time favorite authors is Andrew Clements. Clements has written a variety of genres, including mystery and realistic fiction. Though some of his novels are a quick, easy read, others are longer and more elaborate. Below, I have summarized a few of my favorites:

Recently, I read the fast and fun novel Keepers of the School: We the Children. This is the first book in Andrew Clements’s newest series, Keepers of the School. In this novel, Benjamin Pratt finds the school janitor with a broken ankle. Upon the brink of death, the janitor gives Ben a special coin that had been passed down through generations of janitors. The coin has mysterious writing, which commands Ben to defend his school. Ben’s school is being remodeled into an amusement park, which seemed great at first, but the writing on the coin makes him think twice about it. With mixed feelings, Benjamin decides to protect the school at all costs. Who should be trusted, and who should be avoided? Read Keepers of the School: We the Children to find out. Warning: this is a wonderful book, but be sure to have the next few novels in the series at hand- it goes quickly and is a MAJOR cliffhanger!

Another fascinating book by Andrew Clements is Things Not Seen. Things Not Seen is a longer and more advanced novel than We the Children. This book describes how Bobby Philips, a regular 15-year-old boy, has a little shocker when he wakes up on a seemingly normal day. When Bobby looks in the mirror, to his surprise, he is invisible! Bobby and his parents are completely puzzled, and Bobby is not allowed to leave the house with his “condition.” After his parents are in an accident, Bobby decides to bundle up and leave the house. He meets a blind girl named Alicia, and she becomes Bobby’s only friend in his state of invisibility. Bobby’s school begins to become dangerously suspicious of his long absence, and suspect his parents did something to him. To clear his parents’ name, Bobby and his newfound friend encounter many close calls while searching for a solution to his problem. How is this mess resolved? Read the exciting trials and errors of Bobby Philips’s adventures to discover the answer.

These are just a few of the amazing books written by Andrew Clements. I have read many of his books, and love everything he has written. Hopefully, you too will pick up one of his intriguing books and be drawn into the world of Andrew Clements!

-Alaina K., 6th Grade