The Map of Chaos by Felix J. Palma

What if you’re an author and your books can come alive?

Enter H G Wells and his wife Jane. They’re best friends with Arthur C Doyle and Murray, a very rich man. Enter another H G Wells and Jane, who are friends with Lewis Carroll. Enter a third H G Wells, who got bitten by a dog… wait. Aren’t there two too many H G Wells? Oh, and enter alternate dimensions, a man who encountered a woman who can change into a wolf, an invisible man who wants to murder people, and the map of chaos that can save the worlds. This is the story in The Map of Chaos.

Confusing, huh? But don’t worry, all will be explained when you read the book. As you can see, The Map of Chaos has a very confusing plot that won’t be explained until you have read most of the book. Additionally, science fiction is molded with adventure, comedy, and fantasy, with excellent plot twists. It is the third book in the series, but one doesn’t have to read the other two books to know what is going on so long as one reads a synopsis of both books.

Additionally, Palma gives a very comedic view on how authors really got ideas for their books. For example, it seems as though the Hound of the Baskervilles is named after a guy named Baskervilles who is scared of dogs. I really enjoyed this book, and I suggest that you would please try it out!

-Megan V.

The Map of Chaos is available to check out from the Mission Viejo Public Library.