Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn) by Mizuho Kusanagi

Yona is a typical sixteen year old princess who has grown up with sheltered from the world. She is naïve, stubborn, hates her red hair, and can have anything she wants. Yona is in love with her cousin Soowon and doesn’t know her  annoying bodyguard Hak, who is strong at absolutely everything, has feelings for her. She dreams of marrying Soowon one day, and having Hak as her bodyguard forever.

This all changes when she discovers Soowon murdering her peace loving father.

Now, Yona has to escape with Hak and find the legendary four men with the powers of a dragon, who have said to inherited power that assisted the legendary great king with red hair.

Problem is, would these dragons want to cooperate? And if so, would she still want to kill Soowon when she finds them all?

This manga is amazing. Not only does the series live up to its expectations with politics and revenge, but there is a lot of amazing comic relief at the most random of times. For example, Yona is complaining about her hair in the first chapter. Her father asks Hak to cheer her up, and Hak replies that there’s nothing wrong with her hair, but rather her head instead.

Additionally, I love how the author does some really great character transformation on Yona. She learns a lot in her journeys, and goes from weak little girl to strong warrior princess that helps her kingdom, which is really a big change that is not often shown in a main character.

All in all, this manga is a very awesome one to read and very recommended.

-Megan V., 10th grade

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