Christmas Only Comes Before Thanksgiving in the Dictionary

Blinking lights, ringing bells, the “Ho, Ho, Ho” of a jolly old man in a red suit. These are little reminders that the holidays are finally here. Christmas is a magical time that gives you a warm feeling every time you think about it. I understand the excitement and joy of Christmas, but should we ignore Thanksgiving all together?

Thanksgiving is a joyous holiday when you get together with your family and say what you are thankful for. Nowadays, many are already in the frenzy of Christmas even before the turkey has been served. Years ago, stores and shops were closed on Thanksgiving, allowing families to enjoy their time together. However, in 2017 so many stores are now open, even on this special holiday.

While families do still sit down at the dinner table to eat turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, most do not fully enjoy and understand the meaning of it. It is a time when relatives make it a point to fly home from out yonder just to sit down for one meal. It’s a time when families can be grateful for the plentiful food on their table. It’s a time when you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the time you spend with your family. There is a whole month after Thanksgiving to put up decorations and get ready for Christmas, so put your ornaments away and give thanks to those around you.

-Brooke H.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Only Comes Before Thanksgiving in the Dictionary

  1. I love this idea – it is so true that nowadays we hurry going shopping for material things but forget our human loved ones right next to us’
    Thank u for reminding us

  2. This is such an important post that I think so many people need to read. Giving thanks is underrated in today’s society while the desire to simply “feel good” or receive presents is overwhelmingly present. Thanks for posting!

  3. Even though I have almost zero opportunities to spend Thanksgiving with my relatives because they live on the other side of the world, I’ve always enjoyed the coming of autumn and peacefulness that comes with it. This year, however, I’ve noticed that most stores didn’t even decorate for Thanksgiving, and some of the most shameless ones started putting up Christmas decorations right after Halloween. It felt like something was amiss.

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