Rainy Days

Just a random piece of creative writing inspired by the recent gloomy weather.

I close my eyes and tilt my head toward the boundless sky above me. Cool drops of rain hit my face, and I spin around, stumbling slightly and teetering at the edge of the lake before me. I slowly open my eyes and blink away the water droplets clinging to my lashes.

The lake’s surface is a chaotic melody of splashes of water and numerous miniature ripples. I kneel down, and run my hand through the freezing lake water. My fingers leave streaks in their wake, which promptly disappear under more raindrops.

The clouds seem to have perennial sums of rain to let fall upon the earth, causing the lake to overflow, and the banks to become mini mudslides. The large oak trees opposite me across the lake sway merrily, their branches bending, and their leaves rustling.

I carefully cup my hands and watch in mesmerisation as raindrops begin collecting. Eventually, I let what water I’ve managed to collect fall from my hands into the lake. Under normal circumstances, this would’ve caused large ripples to emanate from the point of collision, but since the rain is so persistant, the effect is suppressed, and a moment later, everything is back to normal.

I spend what feels like ages by the edge of the lake, completely enthralled by the raindrops hitting the surface of the normally still and calm lake. Despite the nearly defeaning sound of the pounding rain, I felt a certain calm come over me as I stand by the lake in the pouring rain.

-Elina T.

1 thought on “Rainy Days

  1. What a pretty piece! It’s so simple yet so atmospheric. Makes me wish we could go back to this gloomy weather after the recent heat waves we’ve been having, haha. Looking forward to reading more of your creative writing in the future!

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