Moonraker by Ian Fleming

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Sir Hugo Drax – war veteran, multi-millionaire, primary donor for Britain’s newest defense project, and…card cheater? When M requests the legendary 007, James Bond, to investigate this strange discrepancy, Bond thinks nothing of it but a lesson to teach an otherwise spotless man. But there is more to the ex-amnesiac turned benefactor than simply cheating at cards. 

As Bond delves deeper into the activities at the base of the praised Project Moonraker, Britain’s state-of-the-art defense system capable of targeting any European capital, scheduled to launch in less than a week, he realizes that some things are not as they seem. From the unusual German workers employed for construction to the mysterious death of the previous investigator, Bond must determine the truth behind both the Moonraker and its creator, Sir Hugo Drax…

Bond, however, is not alone in his endeavor. With the support of an undercover agent, Gala Brand, and, of course, MI6, he must race against time to discover the truth, which may be much, much darker than even 007 could have ever predicted…

Ian Fleming’s Moonraker, the third in the James Bond series, will not disappoint fans of 007. With plot twists and action sequences galore, Fleming manages to glorify every aspect of Bond’s newest case, from a brilliant game of bridge to the saving of millions of lives. Arguably the best Bond novel (definitely my favorite), Moonraker is a book that will be near impossible to put down.

-Mahak M.

Moonraker by Ian Fleming is available for checkout from the Mission Viejo Library.

3 thoughts on “Moonraker by Ian Fleming

  1. Awesome review! Moonraker, like Fleming’s previous novels, was well-received by critics. Moonraker plays on a number of 1950s fears, including the attack by rockets (following the V-2 strikes of the Second World War), nuclear annihilation, Soviet communism, the re-emergence of Nazism, and the “threat from within” posed by both ideologies.

  2. This book seems to be very adventurous and mysterious. I agree that action and plot twists will definitely make readers want to keep reading. Thanks for telling us about ‘Moonraker’!

  3. Moonraker sounds like a very entertaining book to read. As a mystery lover myself, I would love to see how James Bond solves the mystery at the end of the story. With the action and adventure in this novel, I definitely think that this book will be impossible for readers to put down. Great job!

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