Film Review: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is an intriguing romance movie that creates an interesting
narrative using past societal expectations. As for the movie itself, while it is not
something that I would personally watch, I did enjoy watching it with my friends and
found that the movie was good overall. I would personally recommend the movie if you are really looking for older romance movies as what you get out of the movie is still satisfying regardless of whether you like the category or not.

In terms of what I liked about the movie, the characters feel as if they each had a role and portrayed well what they were designed. Given that I have not read the book or do not watch many romance movies, I cannot speak for the plot itself although it felt as if there were some holes towards the end in terms of the story and resolution which could be fixed with more time in the movie. While the story between characters feels somewhat unexplored for most of the movie, the characters themselves do a good job at foiling each other and create an interesting dynamic.

As for the way the movie portrays a story overall, it felt as if separate pieces of a story were put together, rather than it being one cohesive story as many parts of the movie often left me wondering how characters got there in the first place. While many characters are well written, it also feels as if some characters were entirely unnecessary and played almost no role. Some characters even felt so pointless that they were taking away from the main
characters, although, given the short time of the movie, it is possible that there was no effective way to portray all the characters in the way the directors wanted to. In addition,
while the movie was mostly enjoyable, there were some scenes that, by more recent
standards, felt more awkward than funny which is their presumed intention.

Overall, while I have many complaints about the movie, I would still recommend
seeing it as it was still an enjoyable experience to watch with friends. The ending is still
satisfying which is the goal of the movie and it still portrays the themes of the title well,
presenting both sides and helping define the meaning of the title overall.

-Benjamin L.

Pride and Prejudice is available for checkout from the Mission Viejo Library.

1 thought on “Film Review: Pride and Prejudice

  1. This movie seems very interesting. I definitely this is a well-made review, and appreciate it a lot. I may check this film out some time in the future, if I find the time to do so.

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