American Royals by Katharine McGee

The book American Royals is about what would happen if America had a monarchy instead of a democracy. American Royals focuses on four girls- Beatrice, next in line for the throne, Sam, who only sees herself as the spare, Nina, a common girl thrown into the spotlight, and Daphne, who will do anything for the throne.

All four of them go through hardships during the book as well. Beatrice is forced to choose between her duty and her happiness, and Sam struggles with always being in second place. Daphne, on the other hand, spends the majority of the book plotting to take back what she sees as rightfully hers. Finally, Sam is thrown into the spotlight, after her relationship with Jefferson, the prince, is revealed. Beatrice, Sam, Daphne, and Nina must face problems and conflicts head-on all while keeping their perfect image and facing the general public’s fluctuating. opinion on them. 

I enjoyed the book very much, especially the four different perspectives for each of the girls. It definitely makes you wonder what would happen if America did have a monarchy, and whether it would be for the better or for worse.I would recommend American Royals to anyone who enjoys realistic fiction and romance novels. There is also a sequel to American Royals, which is called Majesty

-Kelsie W.

American Royals by Katherine McGee is available for checkout from the Mission Viejo Library.

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