Home Ec At Home: How to Sell Clothes

There are many second-hand shopping platforms that allow sellers to independently ship items to buyers (the most popular ones are eBay, Depop, Poshmark, and Mercari).

The first step in getting some cash out of your old clothes is to sort out your clothes into piles: keep and sell.

Once you have your sell pile, ideally, you should iron them or wash them if they are wrinkly or dirty so the buyer knows that they will receive an item in wearable condition.

Next, find a solid background with good lighting. It is crucial that you take these pictures when it is sunny outside or with artificial lighting so that they can easily be seen.
If you are able to, modeling the clothes is a great option to allow your customers to see what the clothing will fit.

You don’t need to invest in an expensive camera to take pictures– a smartphone camera will do just fine. Make sure that your shadow is not in the frame, and snap a picture with the clothing item centered in the middle. Many platforms show items in a square format, so you should switch your camera setting to square mode if needed.
If you are modeling the clothing yourself, you can invest in an auto-take handheld clicker, or use the self-timer.

Finally, post the picture with a detailed description highlighting any flaws, measurements, manufacture date, and size. Set a reasonable price, or purposely set it high and have buyers offer their best price. Keep in mind that many platforms have around a 10% fee.

The final step is to wait! If your item is sold, all you have to do is pack it up and print out the prepaid label that your selling platform may provide.

Happy selling!

-Irene K.

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