Expanding Our Musical Tastes

Recently I went to a very different kind of concert. My sister is in college and took an Early Music class that required her to play different types of recorders. While at this concert, it got me thinking about expanding my music taste and trying new things when I am listening to music. Often, I find myself listening to the same couple of songs over and over again. I find that even though I get bored of the music I’m listening to, I can never actually take the time to find new songs. Going to this concert made me realize that there are so many different types of music that, though I might not listen to all the time, could be interesting every once in a while. 

A lot of music streaming services offer radios that are designed based on the music we already listen to. Often, they have pre created playlists that feature one type of song. Using these, I have seen myself learning about songs that I would never have any other way. These premade playlists are also great for the holiday season when they have all our favorites in one place. With these, we can learn about artists that are just starting out, as well as ones that might not always be deemed “popular.” 

As we head into the holiday season and the stress of school and gift giving, take the time to find some new music. I have always found that music is a great way to destress. Listening to my music always helps me relax and focus on the tasks at hand. So however you listen to your music, try out some new things with your listening habits. 

-Danielle B.

4 thoughts on “Expanding Our Musical Tastes

  1. This is some great insight! I agree that finding and listening to new music is fun, especially if the music isn’t all that popular.

  2. I agree! I definitely find myself listening to the same songs and artists. I need to branch out and listen to something new.

  3. Great advice! Popular music is definitely fun, but it is also really cool to check out some new and different types of music as well!

  4. I absolutely love discovering new music, even if I only like a bit of it. I’m always asking my friends if they’ve been listening to any new bands, and I’ll give just about anything a listen. I recently let a friend give me a ton of K-Pop recommendations, and to my surprise, I liked a good amount of it. I’d definitely encourage people to listen to new music, even if they end up never listening to it again.

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