Mission Viejo Library 25th anniversary

Last Sunday, Mission Viejo Library celebrated its 25th anniversary since its opening date in 1997. They decided to host a grand event in honor of its 25th year of opening.

When you first walk in the front doors of the library, they had two tables, one to the right, and one to the left of the double doors. The two tables included many foods, snacks, drinks, and candy for the patrons to enjoy. Many kids were crowded around the delectable treats!

As you continue to walk in, you are able to see a room in which they set aside for board games and puzzles, mostly for adults. As you get into the main hallways in the library, to the left, there is a photo booth where you can snap pictures of this memorable event. They also had super cute props next to the printing paper you can hold up and the background was also pretty, with a ’90s touch to it. My sister and I definitely took more than a couple photos there!

As you exit the photo booth and continue walking, you will see the many craft tables and stations set up for little kids. They had coloring stations and little fortune tellers you could create with the help of a few library volunteers. The bracelets and necklaces were also very cute! Not to mention, they also had a Kona Ice truck outside (one of my personal favorites).

Later on in the afternoon, they had a little karoke/dance in one of the rooms in which all of the hit ’90s songs were playing. Overall, it was a great event that our whole family enjoyed!

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