Rated, by Melissa Grey

I just finished reading the book Rated by Melissa Grey, and I really liked it! I always like stories when the point of view changes every chapter, and Melissa Grey definitely did it right! 

The main plot of Rated is that there is a Rating System, where everyone has a rating based on their schoolwork and social lives. This might sound okay, but in reality it’s very problematic. For example, if you’re smart but unpopular, then your low social ratings might cancel out your positive schoolwork ratings. If you have a low rating, then you won’t have access to good hospitals, good schools, or good jobs.

There are 6 main characters: 

Bex, who’s a workaholic. Bex has to keep her rating high for the approval of her parents, so she signs up for any activity that could boost her rating. She barely has any time to breathe! 

Noah, who’s a quiet photographer. His sister has been in and out of hospitals since she was very young, and when Noah’s parents’ ratings fall, they can’t afford to keep her in a good hospital.

Tamsin, whose rating is falling due to her rule-breaking. She knows that the ratings are superficial, and pretends to be a witch to scam her classmates out of their money. 

Hana, who’s an ice skater. She believes that the only way to stardom (and high ratings) is to be thin, which leads to a serious eating disorder. 

Chase, who’s a jock. Chase’s mom left and his dad is an alcoholic with low ratings. Chase’s only hope for a good future is to improve his ratings and get into college through a scholarship. 

Javi is a gamer. His parents died when he was young and his grandmother’s rating isn’t high enough to get a good job, so he has to support his large family on his own. He makes money by posting gaming videos online. 

The stories for each character were very impressive, and everyone had their own reason to hate the Rating System. Rated is a very creative story, and I would definitely recommend it! 

1 thought on “Rated, by Melissa Grey

  1. This seems like an interesting book because of how everyone is basing what they do on a rating and likely not on what they really want to do. I like that there are different characters that the perspective transfers between. Great review!

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