Murder in Retrospect by Agatha Christie

Murder in Retrospect, published as Five Little Pigs in the United Kingdom, is a mystery novel by Agatha Christie.  This book features Hercule Poirot, the celebrated detective.  Poirot is visited by a young woman named Carla Lemarchant.  Carla asks Poirot to investigate the murder of her father, which was committed sixteen years earlier.  Carla’s father, Amyas Crale, had been killed by poison.  His wife, Caroline Crale, was tried and convicted of the murder.  However, Carla is convinced that her mother is innocent.  Poirot is intrigued by this curious case, and he agrees to investigate.

On the day of the murder, five other people had been in contact with Amyas Crale.  Poirot compares these five suspects to the “five little pigs” of the nursery rhyme, because each has a unique background and personality.  He interviews each suspect, but finds no obvious culprit.  Solving a murder that occurred sixteen years ago is no easy task, but Poirot is up to the challenge.

As I read this novel, I was very puzzled about who could have committed the murder.  The ending was quite surprising.  As usual, Poirot discovers an ingenious way to solve the case.  This book is unusual for a murder mystery, because the murder took place many years before, and the main suspect was already convicted.  This made for an interesting story.  The characters are compelling and the story flows well.  I found this book extremely entertaining, and I consider it one of Agatha Christie’s best novels.  I would highly recommend it.

Murder in Retrospect  by Agatha Christie is available to check out from the Mission Viejo Library.

4 thoughts on “Murder in Retrospect by Agatha Christie

  1. This definitely seems like a really interesting story because the case Poirot is trying to solve is 16 years old, and will therefore be much more difficult to solve. Great review!

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