Misrule by Heather Walters

*Will contain spoilers to Malice, the first book of this duology*

Happy-ever-after never seemed to happen to Alyce. Just when she thought she received it, it had been snatched away from her before she could fully process what occurred. Betrayed twice and desperate for love, she does the unthinkable. And now, after a hundred years of living, she is starting to feel the consequences of her actions.

Before, she was hated by the entire society of Briar, comprising of humans and Graces alike. But now, she is beloved in this society she created with the destruction of Briar, comprising of goblins, demons, and Vila like herself. That is, until, everything descends into chaos when a young man washes up onto shore and breaks the princess’s curse that Alyce had struggled to do for a hundred years. And because of it, failure inches closer and closer.

This sequel completes the story of Alyce and Princess Aurora in the most beautiful way possible. It is a happy ending but it isn’t shaped as I thought it would, which ended up as a pleasant surprise on my part. Again, I couldn’t stop reading this book as soon as I started, wanting to know what happened next after things started to connect with each other and make conclusions that renew hope in the ending about humanity and the world in general. The characters in this book are as perfectly written as one can get, adding nuance into the plot through different actions and expressing emotions anyone can relate to. I highly recommend this book for those who love fantasy because everything about this sequel is what, I believe, makes a great ending to a magnificent story.

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