Airpods Incident

Recently, I lost my airpods at a shopping mall, and it wasn’t like how most people would lose them. Here is what happened: I was in a changing room inside a clothing store about to try on some new pants, and I was planning to keep my airpods and phone in the pocket of the pants I was already wearing for convenience sake. However, when I was putting the pair of pants onto a clothing hook, my airpod case (with the airpods in them) fell out out and dropped on to the floor. Now, this next part is my best guess, because I did not see exactly what happened: The airpod case hit the floor which caused it to open, and the impact from the hit also caused the two airpods inside to scatter out, and into the changing room next to mine. Because the airpods were now in the next room, the person in that room took advantage and stole the airpods.

I still had the case, it was just when i got to the car that i realized my airpods were not there. I even went back into the changing rooms to look for them, but obviously they won’t be there because the person in the other room took them.

This is a lesson I feel like everyone should learn from, because airpods are not cheap. I would recommend getting a cover case for your airpods (the kind that you can strap on to your belt or something), and even better if you get one with a locking mechanism.

If i would change one thing about the airpod’s design, it would be to have a lock built in to the case, rather than just some magnets. This would have 100% prevented me losing my airpods.