Music Review – Die For You Remix by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande

This is my first post writing about something not book related which feels refreshing since I’ve kind of restricted myself in what to post. As some of you may have heard or even listened to The Weeknd posted a remix on one of his top hits being Die For You.

Die For You was originally released in his Starboy album in 2016 so no one really saw this release coming a solid 7 years later. Fans also knew of his performance last year with Ariana Grande doing a remix of Save Your Tears which made many fans go insane, including myself. Being a big fan of both artists definitely shows my bias towards this song but genuinely it’s just a good song.

The song includes components from the original but hints of differences hence it being a remix. Ariana Grande hasn’t released music for around 2 year so through this song we were able to see how mature her voice had gotten and the potential she’s reached. Although at first I had mixed opinions of the song and how I thought Ariana’s voice was too high in vocals, in the end my mind ended up finding a beauty within the song. I think what really influenced me to enjoy the song more was just listening it to it over and over again and also just the fact that these two artists came together to preform such a beautiful song.

I definitely think that everyone should at least give this song a listen and understand what I mean with being withdrawn at first.

-Madison C.

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