Book Review: Travis & Freddy’s Adventure in Vegas by Henry Johnson and Paul Hoppe

travis_freddy_coverTravis & Freddy’s Adventures in Vegas, by Henry Johnson and Paul Hoppe, is a humorous book about Travis, with the million-dollar smile, and Freddy, who has the million-dollar brain. They are opposite of each other, but are best friends. Travis and Freddy were born on the exact same day and time. Just a few days from their thirteenth birthday, Travis’ father accidently gambled his house away.

Determined to get $250,000 to save the house, Travis and Freddy make a plan to go to Vegas. They sneak on a plane and manage to make it there. Freddy uses his newest invention, a pair of glasses connected to a computer program to always win at blackjack. Using this technology, and with the help of their cabby driver friend, Sam, they manage to win the money. After discovering their “winnings,” Johnny Large, a Vegas gangster wants their money. Read the rest of the book to see if they escape Johnny Large, make it back home, and if they are able to save Travis’ father’s house.

I loved this book! It is very entertaining and funny. Paul Hoppe and Henry Johnson did a very good job writing this book. I would give this book five stars. It is not disappointing at all. Travis & Freddy’s Adventures in Vegas is a great book for middle-schoolers because the characters are the same age and middle-school students can relate to them. 

-Anmol K., 6th grade

One thought on “Book Review: Travis & Freddy’s Adventure in Vegas by Henry Johnson and Paul Hoppe

  1. This books seems to have a funny plot. This review makes me want to read more and find out if Travis’ father can get his house back.

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