Book Review: Phantom, by L.J. Smith

phantom_coverRecently I’ve read the book Phantom which is part of the Vampire Diaries series. L.J. Smith is one of my favorite authors so I definitely suggest you read her books!

I think that teens would like to read this book because there is that tiny little factor… what if it happened to you? I feel that fantasy books are that tiny hope inside, that 1% chance that the book is real and the stories within it as well.

Phantom is about a 17 year old girl named Elena who is destined never to be normal. Apart from her two vampire boyfriends, Elena has been chosen to be a mortal Gaurdian. Elena and her freinds have battled vampires (bad ones, not her boyfriends!), saved their city from evil spirits, and traveled through the Dark Dimension, but nothing has prepared them for this: a battle of feelings.

A phantom haunts Elena and her friends, making them jealous of each other. Somehow, things straighten themselves out and they defeat the phantom by casting out thier negetive energy. But by the end of the story, a lesson is learned: don’t be jealous of someone else… because it is what it is.

-Annika C., 6th grade

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