Ebooks vs. Print Books

kindle2The ebooks vs. print books debate has created a controversy dating back to when electronic books were first invented.

Electronic books were created alongside the computer and the Internet. One of the oldest publishers of ebooks, Project Gutenberg, began in the 1970s and is still operating today. They publish works that are public domain which means that they are no longer copyrighted and are therefore available to the general public at no charge. An example of writing deemed public domain is the works of William Shakespeare.

Ebooks were originally intended to be subject or genre specific. They were also originally intended to be educational. Ebooks gained popularity in the late 1990s but were used primarily in libraries. Nowadays, ebooks are used by a wide array of people virtually anywhere. There are many devices suited for ebooks such as Kindles and Nooks.

I know that we live in the age of technology but I personally prefer the written word. I am a bibliophile! I cherish books. I love their scent, the texture of their pages, and their physical presence. To me, an ebook cannot compare. Ebooks are more accessible, but I enjoy searching for print books themselves. It is the romantic qualities of books that makes it hard for me to accept ebooks. There is just a special something about real paper books that I cannot articulate and that ebooks cannot emulate. I understand that this is the age of technology and that books can and most likely will become an antiquity but Johannes Gutenberg did not invent the printing press in vain!

I will always appreciate books, no matter how archaic they become. It scares me that the printed word might cease to exist because as an aspiring writer my dream is to see my stories live in ink and that dream might not come true. However, it’s important to remember that the vitality of books is their content– so regardless of the format you prefer, the importance is always placed upon the reading itself.

So read on, however you will!

-Sarah B., 11th grade

4 thoughts on “Ebooks vs. Print Books

  1. Good Post! It was very interesting to read! I would personally choose a real book over and e-book. The feeling of holding the book in your hand and flipping the pages in a good adventure beats anything!

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