Book Review: Almost Home, by Joan Bauer

almosthome_coverAlmost Home by Joan Bauer is about a girl named Sugar. Sugar and her mom, Reba, are in debt because Reba’s ex-husband took all their money and left them. When Sugar’s mom makes a quick trip to the grocery store, a little girl gives Sugar a puppy named Shush under very odd circumstances. Later, Sugar and her mom are forced to evacuate their house that holds so many memories. They are homeless, moving from homeless shelters to park benches to a caring home that takes in homeless kids.

With lots of adventures and twists, Joan Bauer has amazed me again. I read Close to Famous last year and loved it. So when I saw Almost Home on the bookshelf (and with a dog on it), I HAD to get it! I wasn’t disappointed. If I had to rate it 1 – 10, I’d give it a 9.5. There’s no way to improve it. It’s just they talk Southern, and for me the dialect is a bit harder to read. But once I got into it, it became easier.

My favorite part in the book was when Sugar got the puppy. A little girl and her father were arguing in a grocery store parking lot while Sugar was waiting for her mom to come out. The little girl plopped Shush the puppy in Sugar’s hands, explaining some things. Then the girl hurried off, leaving Sugar there holding the puppy.

I recommend this book for girls (or maybe boys) who are interested in learning about life and enjoy nail-biting stories. People who appreciate little things and possibly would like to see what being homeless is like would probably also like this book too.

-Danielle L., 6th grade

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Almost Home, by Joan Bauer

  1. I honestly love books about dogs because no matter how hard the situation is, it always turns out to be a good ending.So this book looks interesting to read. Nice post!

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