Authors We Love: Christopher Paolini

eragon_coverChristopher Paolini is a very talented author, writing his first book at the young age of 15. He is most famous for the Inheritance Cycle, a thoroughly entertaining fantasy. Being homeschooled for most of his childhood, Christopher graduated highschool at an early age, so he decided to write his first book, Eragon, before going to college.

Eragon is a fantasy novel about, as you might have guessed, a teenage boy named Eragon. Under King Galbatorix’s cruel reign, he lives the harsh life of a farmer with his uncle and cousin. One day, a mysterious blue stone appears before him in the forest. Not surprisingly, Eragon is shocked when a dragon hatches out of it. So, he proceeds to take on the legacy of the Dragon Riders, the ancient guardians of the land, who were driven to extinction by Galbatorix. Throughout the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon journeys through the lands of elves and dwarves to meet his final destiny: confronting the evil king.

I think Christopher’s greatest talent is the meticulate detail he puts into every page. He paints a vivid image in your mind as you read, so that can really see the majesty of the great forests, mountains and cities. Also, the history and politics of the different races is very realistic. Another one of his talents is relating the readers to the characters. We are told the characters’ pasts, so we can understand their every motive and action.

Overall, I think Christopher Paolini is an excellent author, and is an inspiration to all aspiring writers. If he can write a book as a teenager, then we all can. I will be eagerly anticipating any prequels or sequels Christopher plans to write.

-Phillip X., 7th grade

4 thoughts on “Authors We Love: Christopher Paolini

  1. I loved this series. Christopher Paolini creates this whole world seem so realistic. I didn’t know much about his past before reading this post, and now it makes him even more amazing.

  2. I found your review very intriguing, since I have read Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. The amount of accurate details that you put in would make mew readers want to read those books. You really seem to love this author, since you said a lot of facts that a reader might find interesting.

  3. Nice review! I was left dreaming about the Inheritance Cycle days after I finished it. Christopher Paolini is brilliant! I do think he spends too much time on detail; after some time I begin to skim through his lengthy descriptions of landscapes and such. Still, Paolini’s books are the best books I have ever read.

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