Book Review: Fifteen Love, by Robert Corbet

15love_coverThis book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

My review on this book is not a good one. I did not enjoy this book literally at all; it was very anti-climactic despite all of the problems that occurred in the story. The writing really did not make me excited. The author Robert Corbet failed to interest me in any way. This story fell flat for me from the anti-climactic problems like this one, “Will Holland is a Mystery” (10). Well, this mystery was easily solved considering that Will Holland is one of the main characters. The reason I didn’t enjoy this book may be that I don’t enjoy love stories very much and I wanted to try something new. My opinion of this book is very bad.

Will Holland; this is one of the three main characters in this story. Will Holland is helplessly in love with a girl named Mia Foley one of the other main characters. The problem is that Mia isn’t in love with Will at all. In fact in the beginning she is repulsed with him. Will always second guesses himself and is so self-conscious that he doesn’t talk to her. This plot is just like any other love story- it is all too predictable. Will was my favorite character because he played tennis, which was the passion I chose. I thought it was interesting how he connected real life problems to tennis. He analyzed everything he did in such depth and I could really relate to him because I also over analyze things. This story is integrated with his tennis and his love life. I really enjoyed the tennis aspect of the story but the main lovey-dovey part of the story did not interest me at all. Will has a brother who is disabled and he has to deal with him every single day. In the story the way he handles all of his brother’s problems is very unrealistic and actually quite sad. He treats his brother like garbage- it makes made me very uncomfortable and I didn’t really like that aspect of this story. Overall Will Holland is the reason why I continued to read this book. His life just seemed so relatable to mine.

Mia Folly in the end falls in love with Will Holland and just like almost every single love story ever this made the whole thing very boring. Mia Folly is just like every single stereotypical girl in a love story: popular, pretty, and very vain. The whole entire story she is saying, “I’m ugly I’m fat oh my gosh.” I really did not enjoy this character. All she did was complain. She and her friend got in a fight and she acted like the whole entire world was going to end. She was a very frustrating character and I didn’t like her presence in the story. She also showed some selfless acts throughout the story she would talk to Will and she would actually do some very kind things in the story. One thing that I liked about the authors writing was how he demonstrated how she started to like will more and more as the story came to an end. Mia was a very self-centered character but the story needed her drama.

Vanessa is the last main character in the story. She was Mia’s best friend until they started fighting. She is a very confident, boastful girl she thinks that she is better than everybody. She is a very annoying character and whenever they even mention her name in the story I cringe. “Oh yeah by the way Raneeta left already” (97). The way she says this is just so obtuse, I cant believe that this is the way that she would give Mia the news that her friend had left her. The way she acts is evil- she feels like a lethal poison being injected into my veins. Whenever she speaks I just get frustrated. I really do not enjoy her presence in the story. She ruins everything in the story– she makes Molly depressed, she starts to date Will just to spite Molly, she is a huge pessimist and I really do not like her presence in this story. Just right when you think Will and Mia are going to go out, she always messes everything up she was by far my least favorite character.

Fifteen Love was filled with cheap thrills and a bad plot. Every page I read became more painful. From the characters to the plotline, it was not the best writing. You may think that I am being too negative but honestly this is what I think about this book. I would not recommend this book to any reader of my age group. I thought it was poorly written and filled with uninteresting events that always fell flat. In other words, I did not love the book Fifteen Love.

-Caden S., 7th grade

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