Book Review: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

beautiful_creatures_coverSixteen-year-old Ethan Wate is a normal boy living in the same normal town he has lived in his whole life. All he has to worry about is getting to school on time and making sure Amma doesn’t get mad at him for not eating all his food. Recently, his mom died in an accident, and his dad shut himself up in a study, but that was really the only excitement Gatlin got. Well, that was true, until something not normal rolled up in a hearse on a not normal day.

Ethan Wate knows the story behind Macon Ravenwood; the horrible story that haunts people. He never thought that he would one day meet his niece or even the man himself, but he did. With that hearse, came a curse and a girl. Lena Duchannes is an almost sixteen-year-old caster. When she turns sixteen, she will either be Claimed by the Light or the Dark. She doesn’t know what will happen or how it happens, but when she moves to Gatlin, she soon figures it out with a little help from Ethan. Ethan saw her and knew she was the girl of his dreams, literally. He soon found out that when you fall in love with a caster, your world changes too.

Beautiful Creatures is an absolutely amazing book written by two incredible authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. They told a story of love and betrayal. It has many surprising secrets and a twist ending you will never see coming. I would definitely recommend this book to teens and young adults. I give this book a five-star rating!

-Sabrina C., 8th grade

One thought on “Book Review: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

  1. I heard people talk about this book for a while now, and I was never sure if I would read it. But after reading your review, I definitely will! This was a great book review.

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