Book Review: When We Wake, by Karen Healey

when_we_wake_coverThe novel When We Wake by Karen Healey is intriguing. This book contains an alternate world that is supposed to be Earth, sped up to the future. Karen Healey has introduced this concept very interestingly, using cryonics as her main background story.

Cryonics is the freezing of the entire body. It is performed in order to instill preservation. So, from this background story, Karen Healey had decided to make her main character, Tegan Oglietti, the only survivor from the past Earth years. The book starts by a snippet of Tegan’s past life; her cherishes and dearly loved, when suddenly an event leads to her unexpected death.

Tegan wakes up a hundred years in the future, stored in a government building, without knowing how she ended up there. Technology has advanced, and all sorts of rules have been enforced since the time she was gone. On top of that, she has lost everybody she loved, and knows nobody in this foreign world. How does she adjust?

As you can guess, this book is unlike one you have ever read, literally. Also an interesting fact, Karen Healey has written The Guardian of the Dead and The Shattering, for you people that have read her other works. She is very inspiring, and I feel that the genre of a “new world” concept is only becoming more popular. There are all sorts of novels coming out about a future Earth, or perhaps a different planet of some sort.

In conclusion, this book is a must read. It surprises you in no way as another.

-Nirmeet B., 10th grade

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