Book Review: Ungifted, by Gordan Korman

ungifted_coverUngifted by Gordan Korman is a hilarious novel about a trouble-making boy named Donovan Curtis.

After getting caught by the school superintendent, Dr. Schultz for hitting the Atlas Statue – in front of his school – with a fallen tree branch, causing the earth to roll down the hill, and then crashed into the doors of the gym, in the middle of a basketball game, Donovan had to be sent home because Dr.Schultz had to take care of the mess in the gym. The next day, the superintendent wanted to talk to Donovan, but could not remember his name. Dr. Schultz had written his name on a piece of paper, but now he could not find it.

The same day, after school, Donovan and his parents received a letter saying that Donovan was accepted into the Academy of Scholastic Distinction. Donovan was shocked, as were his parents. Donovan soon realized that when Dr. Schultz was writing down his name last night, it must have been on the piece of paper Dr. Schultz’s secretary asked for, which had the names of the students going into the Academy of Scholastic Distinction. Donovan then figured out that was the reason he had not been caught yet. He breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed his freedom in the Academy of Scholastic Distinction. To do that he must fool people who’s IQs are above genius level.

Will the teachers there suspect him? Will he get caught? Will he be able to fool everybody? Read the rest of the book to unveil what happens and if he gets caught or not.

The book was hilarious and the setting was great, but I would not say it was the best book ever. I had high expectations because it was by Gordon Korman, and he is a great author, but it could have been better overall. I could totally relate to all the characters. The ending was not that great as I expected, in my opinion, but otherwise it was enjoyable.

-Anmol K., 7th grade

One thought on “Book Review: Ungifted, by Gordan Korman

  1. Anmol,
    I have just finished reading this book upon reading the review. You have it spot-on, being a great book except for the ending.

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