Book Review: Legend, by Marie Lu

legend_coverLegend by Marie Lu is a young adult fiction novel about two fifteen year olds who inadvertently uncover military and government secrets in their dystopian society.

For me, there is nothing better than a book with a little bit of romance, a drop of mystery, and a whole lot of adventure. The author fulfills all of these expectations to the utmost and provides a great escape into a different world. With fantastic, realistic characters and a constant pace that keeps you on your toes, this book is filled with plot twists and unexpected revelations that ensure a reader’s enjoyment.

One thing that makes this book different from your average teen novel is the way Lu marvelously crafts the two main characters. Though they come from opposite sides of the “food chain,” they are not all that different when it comes down to wits and street smarts. In addition, this book is an excellent stepping stone between Young Adult and Adult books. This is due to the mature writing style of the author and the way it deals with government issues in a fictional society.

Legend is set in a city that used to be known as Los Angeles. It is now part of the Republic, one of the two warring nations in North America. This young adult dystopian novel is narrated by the two main characters June and Day. June was born into the upper class society and becomes the Republic’s prodigy after she receives a perfect score on her trial. Every twelve year old in the Republic is required to take this trial, a test that determines their future depending on their score. Children like June, who score high in their trials, are usually groomed for the military, one of the highest honors in the Republic. Day was raised on the other side of the tracks, in the poor sectors of the Republic, and scored poorly on his trial.  Now known as one of the most wanted criminals in the Republic, Day’s motives may be misunderstood.

Due to their social ranks, the two main characters are unlikely to ever meet. However, their paths cross when Day is accused of killing June’s brother, the only family she has left in the world. June, under the military’s guidance, promises that she’ll hunt him down and won’t stop until he is brought to justice. She goes undercover in the poor sectors of the Republic to find him. When she does, she uncovers a lot more about the government and her life than she ever would have imagined.

I highly recommend this book for teen through adult readers.

-Kaelyn L., 10th grade

1 thought on “Book Review: Legend, by Marie Lu

  1. Wow, this book sounds amazing! I am so excited to read it; I actually have to read it for a book club, and I’m glad for this great review. I bet we will all love it as much as you seem to have. Thanks; keep posting!

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