Book Review: See What I See, by Gloria Whelan

see_what_i_see_coverThis book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

The amazing story of endurance and troubled relations, See What I See was so very interesting because of the well thought and creative plot. Gloria Whelan, writer of See What I See, brings a lot of feeling to her story and makes it emotionally appealing to everyone.

I found this book even more intriguing because of my favorite character, Kate Tapert. This young girl creates an even more unpredictable set-up and her reactions alone are what I continue to read for. Kate was accepted into an art majoring college, miles away from her trailer home and she needed a place to stay. Her only choice was nothing but to stay with her long-forgotten, divorced dad for the year. As she continues to pursue her dream to be a famous artist, Kate has the attitude of a pickle jar and a heart of gold.

Dalton Quinn, Kate’s father and a very famous painter, is also one of main problem-makers in Kate’s life. After disappearing and falling seriously ill, Dalton falls deep into his hole of miserableness and loss. He receives numerous letters and paintings from his beloved daughter not bothering to write one back. When Kate moves into his house without notice, he becomes even more stubborn and ill. His personality is stubborn and he repeats to Kate, “I don’t need anyone to do things for me, certainly not an amateur artist…” (Page 43). His illness takes over him and leaves Kate to wonder if it was alright to leave her father home alone during the day or continue to attend art school. His attitude is one that stands out and catches my attention.

Ms. Tapert is the mother of Kate and waitress at a hotel restaurant in Connecticut. After her husband left her and ran to another state, she’s been working everyday as a waitress and collecting tips to pay off the rent on their trailer house. She is as stubborn as Dalton and even replies saying, “I’m not going to move into a house paid with Dalton’s money” (Page 16). Even with a chance to receive some of Dalton’s money, Ms. Tapert is too proud to receive any amount. She’s always reluctant and despised even the idea of her daughter moving into Dalton’s house.

The complicated relationships of all these characters make a vivid scene that greatly impacts each other. Gloria Whelan did a wonderful job creating different situations where opposite personalities and ideas combine to create one. As you read on you can figure out the relationship of the family altogether and how Kate would figure out how to manage her life and dreams at once.

Woven throughout the book, Gloria Whelan has added in the idea of pursuing your own passion and finding your own path to complete it. Staying determined and accepting the many challenges is one of the great lessons that I learned from reading this book. Kate Tapert was used as a great example for this and everyone can find some way to relate to her.

Gloria Whelan did a great job explaining each scene and its story really captivated each moment. Read Gloria Whelan’s See What I See to see if Kate really does stick to what she loves, and what her father truly thinks about Kate and her mother. I encourage everyone to read this because it is truly inspiring and has a strong moral in it. See What I See is a great book to read during your own time and to learn more about what your own passion is and seeking it.

-Alice L., 7th grade

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