Book vs. Movie: Life of Pi

life_of_pi_book_vs_movieI saw this movie on the deck of a cruise ship during spring break in the Caribbean. Not exactly the ideal spot to watch a movie about a boat sinking in the ocean! But I loved the movie so much that when I got back from my break, I immediately began reading the book Life of Pi, by Yann Martel.

Watching the movie immediately drew me in to Pi’s world, and I just had to read the book! Let me just give you a taste of what this phenomenon is all about. Life of Pi tells the story of an Indian boy named Pi, who loves animals and God. His family decides to move to Canada, and on the way, their ship sinks leaving Pi on a lifeboat with a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a giant Bengal tiger. The second half of the book is about Pi’s struggles to survive in the middle of the ocean. Pi learns to abandon his vegetarian ways, train the tiger, and become a master shipman.

The story is dripping with imagery that is so vivid it will make your mouth water. Life of Pi is so powerful that I had dreams about giant whales, tigers, islands, lifeboats, and sunsets for practically a week! I have such an appreciation for Yann Martel because of Life of Pi. He is the most amazing author ever, and definitely deserves all of the awards he received!

In the movie Life of Pi, however, the ending is such a Hollywood ending that I feel bad for Yann Martel. Yann Martel specifically wrote the ending to show the brutal truth of life to the readers, and if you want to find out his lesson, then you’re just going to have to read it yourself! If I personally was directing the movie, I wouldn’t dream of changing the ending, because that is the whole point of the story. However, Ang Lee did do an amazing job because the scenery was beautifully artistic, casting was perfect, and computer graphics were out of this world, though, so I did still really love the movie, just not as much as the novel.
Anyways, I know that this review doesn’t even begin to express how amazing this story is, and it cannot possibly live up to Yann Martel in any shape or form. Life of Pi is the most amazing book I’ve ever read– literally, I found myself bawling my eyes out at some points! I want more than anything for everyone to read this book! You will never see tigers, humans, the ocean, animals, religions, or life the same ever again. Yann Martel strikes you with so much wonder and awe it is unbelievably breathtaking.

Please feel free to comment below as I know there will be many since this is such a renowned book!

-Kelsey H., 9th grade

4 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Life of Pi

  1. Kelsey. . .
    I watched the movie too on a cruise ship, but in Alaska. I agree that the story is truly amazing. I was left pondering for hours in bed on which was the true story. Great review though!

  2. I thought the movie was amazing. And Life of Pi was a great book to be made into a movie because of what you said, the imagery. However I too was disappointed in the ending. I felt that the book’s ending left it in a way that I could choose which story to pick, the story staring the animals, or the one staring the humans. I didn’t like how the movie seemed to the made that choice already for the viewers. Great review though. Want to read more!

  3. Hey Kelsey! I’ve yet to read the book but i saw the movie and it really was amazing! It kind of reminded me of avatar with the visual graphics and stuff, but after reading your review i will make sure to read it!

  4. I absolutely loved the movie so much and can’t wait to watch it again with my friends! However I didn’t know there was a book but still thanks for the review!

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