Book Review: How To Be A Star, by M. Doty

how_to_be_a_star_coverThe book How to be a Star is about a girl named Kimi Chen and her brush with Internet fame.

Every day in the cafeteria during lunch, Kimi always sits with the nerds, Amir, Dex, and Kevin. There is also a center table of the cheerleading team, Maria, Shannon, Lindsay, Amanda, and Nicole. The team is very popular at this school. Emily, who is a best friend to Kimi and a super-star swimmer, eats at the center table with the other girls. Kimi has wanted to sit at the center table.

Kevin suggests that Kimi sing a song and post it on YouTube because he has a cousin who’s a producer. She thinks it over and agrees, going to the studio and signing an original song written by Kevin’s cousin. The next day, she finds the video on YouTube with only seven views.

A week later she checks the song again and discovers over 50,000 views and lots of comments. Maria, the group leader, finally invites Kimi over to the center table for the first time at lunch. Kimi is shocked and walks over. Maria asks Kimi if she wants to go to the mall with her after school.

But are the cheerleaders her real friends?

-Samantha S., 7th grade

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