Introduction to the Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer Series, by John Grisham

activist_coverAction, adventure, and excitement.The Activist, the fourth book in the Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer series by John Grisham has all this and more.

Grisham is known for his adult novels, such as The Firm and Pelican Brief. The Theodore Boone series is his first series for younger readers. These books are extremely well written, and keep your attention until the end. In this series, a boy named Theodore Boone, thirteen years old, has two parents who are lawyers. Theodore is an only child, and he also wants to be a lawyer when he gets older, so he helps his friends and family with small cases, while, in the meantime, a bigger problem is manifesting itself. For example, in the second book of the series, Theodore’s friend is kidnapped by her own father.

In The Activist, the most current book, Theodore is trying to stop a highway bypass from being built in his town that will cost two million dollars, and will pollute the air while cutting through a school, and a soccer field. The city council is also spending money on the bypass while eliminating important school programs. Theodore uses his skills to determine the illegal actions in which the city is engaging. In the meantime, Theodore is trying to help his friend because the bypass will be built on his friend’s family’s land.

This book series can be read by both boys and girls, but I would recommend that the minimum reading age be thirteen years old. I also recommend that you should read the whole series in order, as it will make reading more enjoyable. Overall, the Theodore Boone series is a great summer read, especially the fourth and most recent one.  This is definitely a series everyone should check out.

-Will R., 9th grade

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