Book Review: Ungifted, by Gordon Korman

ungifted_coverDo you ever feel ungifted? Like everybody else has a special gift or talent except you? Then read this book! Ungifted by Gordon Korman opened my eyes to see that everybody has some sort of talent, whether you can see it or not.

When Donavan Curtis accidentally knocks the globe of an Atlas statue off, he wrecks knows he’s going to get into big trouble. After all, this isn’t the first time he accidentally messed something up. However, a mishap with the superintendent gets him sent to a gifted program instead of getting a huge punishment.

When Donavan receives the news he’s getting sent to a gifted program, he knows it’s a mistake. Still Donavan decides to stick around with the super geniuses to save his parents from paying the bill for the gym. That’s when he starts to realize that those geeks and nerds are very cool in their own way – they just need a little push in the right direction from someone who doesn’t spend all his time stressing about grades or some new science discovery. But his time here won’t last forever, and Donovan knows it’s only a matter of time before the superintendent finds him and takes him back to get an even bigger punishment.

Inside, you’ll find an ongoing experiment with a live human (sister), an unforgettably dramatic middle-school dance, and the most astonishing robot victory ever. Ongoing through all of this craziness, Donovan shows that his gifts might be exactly what the genius students never knew they needed!

I personally love this book because it’s hilarious and takes other people’s point of view. It’s just a great book overall and I highly recommend it!

-Danielle L., 6th grade

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