Book Review: Insurgent, by Veronica Roth

insurgent_coverInsurgent, the second YA dystopian book by Veronica Roth, is the awesome sequel that picks up on the action right where Divergent left off. Speaking of which, be sure to read predecessor first. This is a very fast-paced and exciting book sure to keep you on your toes.

This book takes place right after a massive civil war ravages the city of five society factions. In the aftermath, the protagonist, Tris, contemplates her guilt and sorrow from her actions. As fighting begins again, she will have to think quickly but profoundly about how much she is willing to sacrifice to protect her newfound friends, and the fate of the new society bound to come.

After reading this book, I think it is quite obvious that it evokes some very thoughtful and political questions in the reader. For example, the rebels, whom Tris is allied with, wants to completely wipe out the headquarters of the corrupt government. However, Tris and her prodigious soldier boyfriend both know that they have to save the computers there with advanced technology that the city sorely needs. So, how to accomplish both?

Another thing Veronica Roth does very well is connecting the protagonist and the reader. We can feel her anticipation, sorrow, and guilt in the upcoming war, her relationship issues, and her determination to do what’s in the new society’s interest.

Overall, Roth’s new thriller debut novel is something everyone should look into. You will definitely enjoy the relentless action and the profound thoughts weaved in and out of the story. And if you’re just getting into this series now, your timing is good– the end of the trilogy, Allegiant, comes out on October 22nd.

-Phillip X., 8th grade

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