Book Review: Wake, by Amanda Hocking

wake_coverThe Watersong series by Amanda Hocking is a fantasy series involving murder, sirens, love, and loss. The series begins with the book Wake. Gemma Fisher is a normal, pretty 16 year old who loves the ocean. She is a swimmer and longs to become an Olympic champion.

One day, four strange girls show up in Gemma’s town. Gemma used to think she was the prettiest girl there but now she wasn’t so sure. Lexi, Penn, Thea, and Arista, are beautiful. Their ravishing beauty awes Gemma– but it also raises her suspicions. When the four girls show up, talking and becoming closer to Gemma, four murders follow. Then, one of the strange girls disappears.

On one of her nightly swims in the ocean, Penn, Lexi, and Thea, beckon Gemma to come party with them, and they make her drink a weird concoction. She wakes up ashore, with many cuts and scratches all over her and she knows that something is wrong.

In a twist and turn of events, Gemma is forced to leave with the other sirens to protect her friends and family from getting hurt. Find out what happens next in the second book of this addictive series, Lullaby.

-Annika C., 7th grade

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