Book Review: Football Champ, by Tim Green

football_champ_coverThis book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

“Troy knew they were going to run the slant. He knew adults doubted 12 year olds anyway, but his calls had been good enough to last a three game winning streak. Troy stared hard into the eyes of the defensive coordinator, until he signaled Troy’s play. The center snapped the ball. The defense blitzed. The quarterback dropped back and threw the slant. Seth Halloway leaped in front of the receiver and caught the ball, securing the Falcons fourth win in a row.” (2) Tim Green’s book, Football Champ is a fiction story about how young Troy White makes his way into the NFL, but not by playing, but by calling the plays.

Football Champ is an incredible book that illustrates 12 year old Troy White’s life. Reading from Troy’s point of view, you will learn how he and his two friends, Nathan and Tate, overcome may obstacles to keep their dreams alive and never give up. Troy can predict the plays that other teams will call before they happen. That’s how he got his job in the NFL working for the Atlanta Falcons. “The executives jumped up, spilling their drinks, and began chanting and high-fiving Troy. The Falcons had just won their fifth game in a row, with a little help from Troy.” (93) All is going well for Troy, even his own football team, the Duluth Tigers, advance to the state championship, and the Atlanta Falcons look like they might make a play-off run of their own. But when Troy accepts an interview request with reporter Peele, his world gets flipped up-side down, and learns that some people don’t seem to be who they really are.

This book really interested me because of Tim Green’s writing style. He used many superb and interesting words that made the story much better. The book really flowed together nicely, and I couldn’t put it down. Along with the writing style, I loved the plot. Everything made perfect sense, and as I read on, it drew me in more. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in football, and loves an action packed story.

-Brenden W., 7th grade

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