Book Review: Curse of the Spider King, by Wayne Thomas Baston & Christopher Hopper

curse_of_the_spider_kingSeven kids who live in six places different places in our world. They are all separate but they are linked by their history and race.

Curse of the Spider King is the story is about seven kids who are all thirteen and are living on this earth:  Tommy Bowman, Autumn Briarman, Johnny Briarman, Jett Green, James “Jimmy” Gresham, Kat Simonson, and Kiri Lee Yuen. In this book, they learn about the truth of their birth in another world called Allyra. The learn about the fact that they are elves of royal birth. The seven learn about the one that cause them to be taken from their home to earth and is now their enemy, The Spider King.

Curse of the Spider King  is the first of The Berinfell Prophecies trilogy. 

Curse of the Spider King has an amazing cast of well-formed characters as well as plenty of unique and cool places. This book is a great read for anyone who like adventure and fantasy. Just a warning, first time readers might find this book slightly hard to understand at first since for this particular book it tends to jump around to different places each chapter. It should be easier once you understand some of the jumps. This happened to me when I first read Curse of the Spider King. I had read books from both of the author before I read this. I know that both of them are excellent writers in their own way. This book, I found more interesting and slightly confusing due to that. There is fighting in this book as well as in the rest of the series for those who are watching out for that kind of stuff. Even so, I would recommend it to anyone. Of course, this is only what I think. Read it and decide.

-Sarah J., 8th grade

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