Book Review: Vanishing Act, by John Feinstein

vanishing_act_coverThis book review is part of series of reviews written by students at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for their 7th grade English classes.

Vanishing Act, by John Feinstein, is a thrilling adventure at the U.S Open. Vanishing Act is the story of a group of teenage sports writing friends who plan to spend a vacation watching the grand slam in New York. They were having a great time at the Open, until the big event happens.

When they are planning to watch their favorite tennis player, Nadia Symanova, a news topping event occurs. Minutes before her showtime, she disappears, a vanishing act. This leaves millions with the question, “What happened to Symanova?” Once this group of friends discovers this event, they must use their friendship to solve this crime.

This book was written with a lot of suspense, and flowed very smoothly. The author had a great perspective in which he wrote it, with a lot of voice.  He made the characters seem real, and made it feel like you were in the story.

I would highly recommend this book to people who enjoy an adventure, tennis, and love a great story. This story takes place at the grand train station in New York. Feinstein makes it so the station seems so real. Along with the thrilling adventure, he ties in the two themes of mystery, and friendship.

The three friends, Stevie, Bobby, and Susan, rely on each other to solve this crime. Also, there are many unexpected twists and turns in this book, “You’re right, she said. But I can’t imagine she would be involved in this.” (Feinstein 226) Vanishing Act is a great mix of friendship, mystery, and a great tennis match for all.

-Jared C., 7th grade

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