Book Review: Willow, by Julia Hoban

willow_coverThe book Willow by Julia Hoban is a very touching story. Personally I think you would have to be mature enough to read this book– it’s definitely not for all ages. The background of the story is that this girl Willow was out with her parents and her parents had a drink or two and they couldn’t drive, so they have Willow drive. Willow drives down this road in the rain and spins off the road and crashes into a tree, which kills both of her parents but she is still alive and has to live with her older brother and his wife or girlfriend and their daughter.

This girl Willow has to go to a new school and she cuts herself to release her pain. Her brother doesn’t know that, but she does because she can’t stand her stress and pain, so she cuts herself with a blade or anything she can find. One day she bumps into this guy and she tries to get away from him, but he finds her stash of blades in her backpack and she tries to stop him from telling her brother, but he has this sense where he needs to help her stop and can she trust him and let go of her blades? Or does she ignore his help and continue?

Personally I love this book; it gave me a new view of life and the pain people put themselves through to feel better, and it was really sad but a real eye-opener. I found out about this book because I was at the bookstore and I saw it on the shelf and I thought, “this seems interesting,” so I went to my public library and got it. I think it’s an amazing book, but I think 13-year-olds or older can read this, because you have to be really mature.

-Meagan R., 8th grade

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