Book Review: Half-Moon Investigations, by Eoin Colfer

half_moon_investigations_coverHalf-Moon Investigations, a mysterious detective story by Eoin Colfer, is about a boy named Fletcher Moon who walks straight into the wrong fighting ring.  The story starts out with Fletcher Moon, private eye, coming to school ten minutes early to find out he should have quit his detective business for good.  He walks into a fighting ring with a Sharkey fighting in it.

Now the Sharkey family is a rule-breaker family.  If there ever was a rule that was to be broken, the Sharkeys would go far out of their way just to break it.

This time in the fighting ring there was the tallest, biggest kid in the school and Herod Sharkey.  They were in a headlock waiting for Mr. Detective Fletcher to show up. They then send Fletcher on a life-changing case.

Fletcher believes he has solved the case, but every afternoon he is asked to visit a different person’s house.  He is working for many people when he discovers his badge is missing.  At this point in the story, I think the Mission Impossible theme song should begin.  There is a conspiracy appearing behind all of the smiling, innocent faces.  Fletcher goes out on his own exploration turning away from FBI to CSI.  He finds himself in the hospital the next morning with a small concussion and a broken wrist.  He is not done yet with his new CSI job.  He creeps out of the hospital only to find himself back in the hospital hours later with a burnt-out torch in his hand.  What is happening?  Fletcher makes an unlikely friend, is treated differently, and uses his smarts to solve the mystery.

He gets his badge back, mentors another detective-in-training, and is a hero to new friends and an enemy to old.  As a film, I would recommend the song Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson during the credits, because it reflects how Fletcher feels during the entire book.

I think Eoin Colfer did a fantastic job with this book!  I have his Artemis Fowl series, and I found a few connections between the different genres.  I love the detective aspect of this story, and Mr. Colfer wrote as though he was the detective.  I would definitely rate this book a 10 out of 10 for its wonderful detective characteristic and the superbly written story.

-Maya S., 6th grade

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