Book Review: Beautiful Darkness, by Margaret Stohl & Kami Garcia

beautiful_darkness_coverEthan Wate and Lena Duchannes grew closer and closer in the first book in this series, Beautiful Creatures, when they tried to ward off evil spirits. After the horrifying night of Lena’s Sixteenth Moon, they are not looking forward to another battle. Unfortunately, they soon learn that Lena will have to face another Claiming, when a Caster decides to be Light or Dark.

They start to worry and try to find answers, but the Seventeenth Moon gets nearer and they start to give up. Just when things are bad enough, Lena starts to pull away. Ethan is angry, but more confused, when he sees her with another guy. He and his friends try to find Lena and save her from her depression, when she thinks she is going Dark. He tries to think positive. Maybe this isn’t the end for them, but maybe it is.

This is the second book of the Beautiful Creatures Saga. In this book, they meet some new friends and uncover some dangerous secrets. It was a really entertaining book. I couldn’t put it down. Every chance I got, I would read. The authors leave great cliffhangers at the end of chapters. I was really surprised at some parts. When the story ended, I was sad because it was so good. I’m happy there is another book in the series, though. I hope everyone else loves this book as much as I do.

-Sabrina C., 8th grade

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