Book Review: Possession, by Elana Johnson

possession_coverPossession, a dystopian fiction novel written by Elana Johnson, follows the life of narrator and main protagonist Violet (Vi) Schoenfeld.  Vi is a free thinker, which in the world she lives in, makes her a dangerous outcast.  She soon finds herself caught in a love triangle between bad boy Jag and her best friend Zenn.

One of the best things about this book is the plot.  With twists and turns on every page, it was definitely interesting.  The characters were also captivating, and fairly relatable.  In addition, the book is narrated in a way that teenagers would speak today, which made it even more relatable.

However, that being said, the book was somewhat disorganized.  Most parts were extremely difficult to follow.  With dystopian fiction, one of the most important things the author needs to do is lay out the setting in a way the reader can easily understand.  Despite my eagerness to learn more about Vi’s world, I found myself let down and confused at the lack of description.

Overall, this book had a nice, captivating plot, but was relatively difficult to follow.  If you are interested in the genre of dystopian fiction, I would recommend reading this book for the plot alone.  However, do be cautious as you may, like me, become frustrated at the lack of organization throughout the novel.

-Amanda D., 11th grade

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